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WORK HARD and PLAY HARD: We work hard to bring you useful applications and utility tools and we hope you enjoy using them. We also play hard when the BOSS Reg Phipps MBCS occasionally gives us time off work. Only kidding boss. He is kind, generous to a fault, has a wicked (in a good way) Scottish sense of humour and we all think he is the best boss we have ever worked for ~ Fi MacVane PhD. p.s. any chance of a bonus :)

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The Digital Age

We live in a digital age where data and analysis play an important role in our everyday life. Historical data tells us what happened, analysis and interpretation can help explain and understand why. Charts and Graphs display data and help us visualise what happend and analyse why.

~ Reg Phipps MBCS

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With over 30 years of experience in high-level IT development, working as an IT Consultant for global companies, our Head of Design ensures that every app and utility tool we supply comes with the ‘Seal of Quality’.

Company Overview

PerformingApps is a Division of Casco Bay Trading Company, as the launch product for their software applications and utility tools.


PerformingApps has embarked on a mission to create a range of interesting and useful software applications and utiliy tools for you to enjoy.

General information

PerformingApps respects your privacy and we take your right to privacy seriously. No information input using any of our application and utility tools is captured, sent (or shared) to third parties and all the information displayed and data transfered is underpinned by a domain SSL Certificate and https protocol.

© 2011 Reg Phipps MBCS and Fi MacVane PhD.

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